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Math classes

Fall and Spring Registration NOW OPEN

Wow! Math and Friends!

The sky is NOT the limit. With over 20 years of success in the Hillsborough Schools, our program is now open to all students!

The Math Workshop is the doorway to Learning, Creativity, and Self Discovery!

Our classes engage students to have a healthy mental math brain. Taking the mystery out of math early, gives children the confidence they need to be successful and happy in school. Classes consist of individualized workbooks that are worked on weekly. Sessions are cumulative, students work at their own skill level, and they will not repeat a book unless needed. We encourage and recommend homework, however, you may request no homework. Students will do their work during their session time in class.

We make math fun! If a student needs help with math we provide help. If a student wants to be challenged we provide that and more. We embrace every level of math student and give them wings to fly.

Elementary Students who have been in our program regularly enter Middle School Pre-Algebra classes as 6th graders.

We cover every aspect of K-12 math including algebra ready at the 5th grade level, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calc, Calculus and AP Stats.
We know and understand Everyday Mathematics, Swun Math and Singapore math. We mirror and track with state standards. Using the updated Common Core we build quantitative reasoning skills early. We impact the classroom immediately.

Classes are small

Registration is strictly limited. As always, we keep our classes small so that our students can benefit from the following:
Finding that learning can take on more variety, breadth, depth, and richness.
Having more opportunities for individualized interaction and one-on-one tutorials if needed.
Experiencing a greater sense of personal satisfaction.
Feel a greater sense of achievement and accomplishment.

As always, we keep our classes small so that our students can benefit from individual attention.

Consultation Setting Up
for Success

Students receive individual action plans to emphasize
their strengths. Using detailed assessments and evaluation,
our consultants identify each student's specific needs
along with their personal and academic goals.

Our Families Speak Out...

  • Annabelle is a phenomenal instructor. My son has taken several of her Math Workshops and now is in the summer camp program. He has so much fun and doesn’t even realize how much he’s actually learning. Annabelle has a magical way of connecting with the kids!

    Karen K
  • My son has been coming to math workshop since the beginning of his 7th grade year. He has excelled in math and gained incredible confidence. He moved from pre-algebra in 7th grade to high-school level algebra in 8th grade and has received all As in math. He also took the prep-class for the high school placement test and did very well on the test. Annabelle is totally in-the-know regarding the curriculum of all of the math classes, upcoming tests and needs for the kids entering high school. It has been a huge weight lifted off my shoulders!

    Kari C
  • We are so grateful for the time and effort you spent with our daughter; we don’t know how we – or she – could have done it without you. You have a special talent and we all are very lucky to know you.

    Peninsula Parent

Celebrating 27 years!

The secret is out! After 15 years of success in the Hillsborough Schools, we are now very excited to be offering our very popular program for the very first time to ALL area students. We give every student the confidence to tackle problems challenges and solutions.

We build confidence We build strategies and We build success We make wishes come true