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Spirit Whisperer

We know and understand that some students need individualized, self-paced academic instruction.
We provide this in a caring, innovative and positive environment.

We embrace and respect every style of learning. We hand hold and give wings to fly. The Math WorkShop has a passion for helping children succeed in education.
Our goal is to develop well-rounded individuals with confidence to tackle any academic challenge that they are given. We give them the ability to adapt their learning style to become engaged learners.
We provide help with homework, studying for exams, grade level projects, learning key concepts, preparing for tests, organizational skills, time management skills and anything that students need to succeed academically.
Our resources are endless and we help increase subject understanding and retention. Our highly experienced tutors design a customized educational plan for each student which improves performance and develops skills for long-term academic success.
We offer our one-on-one tutoring to K-12 students.


We understand that every child is unique. Academics strengths and weaknesses vary greatly from student to student. Because of these differences, your child may have specific needs that will not be met in a group setting.
After diagnosing your child’s strengths and weaknesses, we create a personalized lesson and homework plan to address your child’s specific needs. Our students’ exceptional results are the product of engaging and focused tutoring lessons and customized homework support.We provide one-on-one tutoring all year round by appointment.

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Consultation Setting Up
for Success

Students receive individual action plans to emphasize
their strengths. Using detailed assessments and evaluation,
our consultants identify each student's specific needs
along with their personal and academic goals.

Our Families Speak Out...

  • “Annabelle is a phenomenal instructor. My son has taken several of her Math Workshops and now is in the summer camp program. He has so much fun and doesn’t even realize how much he’s actually learning. Annabelle has a magical way of connecting with the kids!”

    Karen K
  • “Annabelle is a wonderful teacher – patient, kind and focused. She takes the time to understand your child’s strengths/weaknesses and create an individualized plan to prepare your child for success. I would highly recommend her ISEE prep classes and her workshops. They strike the right balance between academic rigor and creative learning, and the children truly enjoy them. Annabelle has hit upon the right recipe for ensuring your child will want to learn and she follows through. She is also very experienced from working in the HCSD and other schools in the Bay Area.”

    Shahsi D
  • The thorough Test Prep that my son received from the Math Workshop has been critical in his success in the The Harker Middle School Entrance exam. WIth the help from the Math Workshop, my son is a new incoming 6th grader at The Harker School in the Fall!

    G Wallia

Celebrating 27 years!

The secret is out! After 15 years of success in the Hillsborough Schools, we are now very excited to be offering our very popular program for the very first time to ALL area students. We give every student the confidence to tackle problems challenges and solutions.

We build confidence We build strategies and We build success We make wishes come true