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Our Elementary, Middle School and High School Consultants answer all your questions and concerns while providing ongoing advice, and support to give you exactly what you need through your admissions process!

Quality and personalized school counseling for students becomes difficult regardless of the school counselor’s expertise. Students need to get the individualized attention and gain the knowledge they deserve to maximize opportunities.

•The school admissions landscape is increasingly competitive and complex.

•Students must remain current as school application requirements change from year to year.

We advise students to utilize their school resources and develop relationships with teachers and administrators. They must work hard and diligently, always deliver quality work and ask for help when needed.

Connections Consultation Program

With our School Connections Consultations, students receive individual action plans to hone in on their strengths. Using detailed assessments and evaluations, we identify each student’s specific needs to create an application roadmap incorporating their personal and academic goals.

Fee Based Consulting

We meet with parents and students to outline critical educational goals from test prep to choosing the right school for your family. We lift the veil on the private school admissions process.

Consultation Setting Up
for Success

Students receive individual action plans to emphasize
their strengths. Using detailed assessments and evaluation,
our consultants identify each student's specific needs
along with their personal and academic goals.

Our Families Speak Out...

  • We are forever grateful for your care and attention. The testing path is a long and arduous journey. Yet, with your help in keeping us focused, helping us with late night edits and reminding us to breath, we had less stress and had unbelievable results. 5 schools out of 5 schools is amazing!

    Peninsula Parent 10/24/20
  • In one word: Magic! My daughter was tutored by Mrs Vakili in preparation for the HSPST high school entrance exam. Generally not a good test taker, she did extremely well which I attribute to Mrs. Vakili’s process with her. Mrs. Vakili is not just a teacher, she is a coach, a friend, a confidant, a counselor, a motivator, and a confidence builder. My son works with Mrs. Vakili to strengthen his math skills and his confidence has increased two-fold. He never complains about “going to tutor” because he is so comfortable with her and she somehow makes the learning fun. Her patient, personal commitment to assess each child, identify their unique learning abilities, and work tirelessly with them has been a lifesaver in our household.

    JT Bock - Peninsula Parent 06/24/2019
  • Annabelle made learning fun for my child and helped him achieve his goal. I would highly recommend Annabelle to help your child meet their potential.

    Lynn F - Peninsula Parent 8/12/20

Celebrating 27 years!

The secret is out! After 15 years of success in the Hillsborough Schools, we are now very excited to be offering our very popular program for the very first time to ALL area students. We give every student the confidence to tackle problems challenges and solutions.

We build confidence We build strategies and We build success We make wishes come true